Life could be so cruel to us. Life could be unfair to the mankind. Life overwhelmed in the wilderness experiences. Life in the valley of the shadow of death.  Life ensnare in the trap of the fowlers. Life in the boisterous wind; life in the deepest pit of life. But in all these ordeals in each phase of life, only the dying hard spirit will survive it all. It is not all about the past or present situation you are passing through. It is all about the future. It is not all about how many time you have hit the ground. It is all about ability to rise on your feet again. It is not all about how many time you have been defeated over and over again. It is all about ability to regain your strength from the past lost battles and fight back again and again until you come out as conqueror.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all Psalms 34:19. I love the story of Joseph in the Scripture. It is a story to share over and over again. God showed Joseph in his dream, a glorious destiny to behold; a dream worthy of waiting for its manifestation. God showed him the end result, but He did not show him the processes to fulfill the dreams. Joseph was full of enthusiasm of his dreams, with a great expectation of manifestation. But alas! Life began to unfold the true events embedded in it. Joseph was sold into slavery by his blood brothers. He met with another strong temptation when his master’s wife wanted to lure him into bed. He resisted the temptation despite the pleasures in it. He was thrown into prison for the offence he did not commit. He was forgotten by another prison mate he showed kindness to in the prison. After years of afflictions, his dreams came to reality Genesis 37:4-11, 39:1-20, 41:9-44.

No matter how life has treated you, just have the hope of future. Believe in God’s given dream, pursue it to the end. Face all the challenges ahead of you. Never give in to temptations of life. Be strong and of good courage, never go weak or weary. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just a matter of time, everything will be alright. Light will overtake the darkness, your pain will turn to gain, and your weeping will turn to laughter. Just a matter of time, be a man of dying hard spirit.

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