Ordeals of life always want to weary us out. They appear like a giant mountain too difficult to climb, legions of scary demons waiting to consume us, boisterous storm ready to sink us in the voyage of life. But a real man can see beyond these ordeals of life. A real man comfort himself in agony of life. A real man will stand firm in any ugly situation even if he falls again and again.

Only a real man can see that the legions of frightened demons are mere shadows, a giant mountain is just a stepping stone to greater height in life, boisterous will only aid the ship of life in reaching the right destination.

Real men are considered absurd by others because they see what others cannot, they feel what others cannot feel, inspire by what bring others down. Real men standout by what they say, action they take, and the attitude they put up; especially when they are sinking in the storm of life. They are stronger than any situation, bolder than any doubt. They know that their depression will depress others, the expression of their fear and hopelessness will spell suicide to others.

In the face of negative, they say positive things. In the face of fear, the speak faith. In the face of death, they speak life. In the face of feasible failure, they see outstanding success. These are the lubricants that ease the intense frictions of life in a real man.

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