A thankful heart is a cheerful heart.  A thankful heart is closest to the riches of the universe. A thankful heart is free from the bondage of anxiety, fear and apprehension of life. Show me a cheerful man; l will tell you story of a man free of captivity of deadly diseases. The act of thanksgiving opens the window of heaven for abundant blessing from above. It lifts up our burdens; it takes away sorrowful heart in exchange for joyful heart.

Jesus Christ laid down precedent to follow. He demonstrated a thankful heart in all His deeds. Jesus Christ gave thanks over five barley loaves and two small fish; five thousand people excluding women and children were well fed. Twelve baskets filled up with the fragments of the five barley loaves were gathered John6:11-13. Jesus Christ gave thanks at the tomb of Lazarus, the dead rose up at His command. Apostle Paul also admonishes us in Philippian 4:6 that we should make our requests known to God through praise and thanksgiving.



Sometimes in the voyage of life, we do experience momentary delay. We ask questions that one no could answer. We search our inner minds maybe we can know exactly where we got it wrong.

No matter how difficult or hopeless a situation may be, if you can just put all the anxieties aside and confront it with thanksgiving, you will be amazed at the supernatural intervention that will follow. A thankful heart has unrestricted access to the presence of God, always give thanks.

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