What you see in life is what you will become in destiny. God said let there be light; and there was light. God said let there be a firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. It went on and on until He created man in His own image.

We have the power to make something out of nothing because we are created in the image of God. God has deposited the potentials to create a unique world in our own heart. This can only materialize by those who can see through. If you can vision it, you can fashion it. If you can fashion it, then you can bring it into reality. That is the power God has deposited in us.

All the great inventors we are celebrating today used the power of believing in seeing what others cannot see. They call things that are not; the things eyes cannot yet see and the things hands cannot yet touch as though eyes can it, hands can touch it. These set them at the peak of their career.

That is why you must ignite the power of your FAITH. You must trust or have confidence in the things you are seeing which others cannot see. Never allow distraction and discouragement to make you lose focus. Let the power of your faith turn into reality what is in your imagination. Ignore the facts on ground, keep believing and pursuing what you want to see manifesting. 

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