God will never show hurdles you must cross; the battles you must win; strange ordeals you must pass through in your sojourn on earth. He will rather show you the GLORY ahead. In between are battles you must fight with the last breath in us, oppositions you must contend with and temptations you must resist. If He shows us what we will pass through to attain the GLORY ahead, fear of the battles may overwhelm our souls, everybody may be scared to pursue his or her dreams in lifetime and many may abandon their dreams for something else.

Joseph was a typical example of between now and future. God revealed to him in his dreams what he will become in life but He never showed him what he will pass through to attain the position. Genesis 37:5-11. His brothers sold him as slave to Ishmaelites. Genesis 37:27-28. He was favoured in his master’s house. Genesis 38:2-3. His master’s wife attempted to seduce him but he resisted the seduction. Genesis 38:8-13. He was imprisoned for the offence he did not commit. But one thing was unique about Joseph; he was so faithful to his calling even in prison. Despite all the temptations and challenges, he did not allow them to distract him. He actually became what God has ordained him from heaven; from prison to palace, to become Prime Minister in a foreign land. Genesis 41:41-44.

We must see the glory ahead irrespective of present circumstances. We must keep the dream alive no matter the attempts to abort it. Believe what God has shown you, cling unto His promises, He will definitely take you there.



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