No one can see the beauty in the unfinished project. No one can celebrate unfinished assignment. No matter the resources committed on an assignment, the enthusiasm attached to it at the beginning; the end result will justify your total commitments. We can only be rated by what we finish, not by what we attempt. People celebrate successful project not a failed project. For every unfinished project it is obvious that emotion is invested; resources are tied down unnecessary; one’s mind will be tied down too.

Project may become unfinished project when the initiator is not patient enough to count the cost before embarking on it; when resources are not sufficient to finance it; when the initiator is discouraged or get distracted; when the expectations are not forthcoming etc. Human influence also plays prominent roles in determine the outcome of a project.

However, anytime you experience weariness and you feel like abandoning your dream, look up unto God in prayer. He will give you the required grace for successful accomplishment of your dreams. The beauty of a project can only be revealed at its completion; do not give up.


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