Events of life touch us like cool breeze and most times, we do not feel it to marrow. The day an event happens is not the day it started. Every event of life gives sign before it happens. But oftentimes, we are too busy to feel or see it. Signs are means of alerting us what is about to happen or what is already happening. They are herald of events which are to come. They can be spiritual or physical in nature. Before a machine will eventually breaks down, it must have exhibited some signs that avoidable breakdown is bound to occur if no corrective measures are put in place. Before a major health breakdown, the patient must have noticed certain symptoms indicative of a particular sickness.

God uses many medium to caution us in our pursuit in life; dreams, events around us, people around and so on, but careless attitude has made many people to lose out and become victims of what He is trying to warn us about. Balaam would have been killed by Angel who stood on his way, if not for his donkey Number 22:22-31. Samson became a grinder in the prison of Philistine, object of ridicule to those who merry before he died a shameful death with his enemies because he did not yield to early warning signals from God Judge 14:1-4, 16:1, 4-31.

This brings to mind the fact to be proactive rather than be reactive in life because event will careless to deal with at the early stage may alters, delays or outright aborts destiny. Being proactive is an antidote to being reactive. It is wisdom and economical to pre-empt evil before it occurs. What will cost us to prevent the avoidable from happening will be lesser than what will cost us to manage the ravage left behind after the occurrence. Sometimes it is irreparable. We should always be sensitive to things around us. Rise up to issues especially at the early stage, when it has not become unsolvable issue. Do not wait for a potential problem to grow into crisis. Attack it when you notice the early warning signals.

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