Expectation is the conception stage of manifestation; it is the determinant factor of manifestation. What you do not expect, you cannot possess. What you do not desire, definitely you cannot have it. Indeed, there is power in expectation. It is a force that draws a hope or material thing from the spiritual realm to the physical. The same force brings a thing from abstract to reality. Bible gives us clear revelation of what Earth looks like at the beginning before God declared what He was expecting in Genesis 1:3-28 “The earth was without form, and void;…..Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.” Other God’s expectations came to manifestations as He professed. All these things came out of abstract to reality.



There was an army barrack that had on its duty roster 4 soldiers to guard a concrete slab at all times. The soldiers changed shifts guarding the slab for many years.

However, what sustains your expectations through the thick and thin of life is “FAITH.”  Expectation delivers maximally when it is backed up by faith in God, focused mind and other relevant steps channel towards the manifestation. Great success in life’s endeavour, blissful family, lucrative jobs, victories in the battles of life and many other things are the manifestations of your expectations. No one can achieve anything in life without first expecting it. Abraham, the father of FAITH left certainty for uncertainty; believing in his expectations through the directive of God. He was blessed beyond measures Genesis 12:1-2, 13:2. David’s expectation gave him victory over Goliath I Samuel 17:45-50. Woman with the issue of blood combined faith with great expectation and she became healed from her long time sickness.

What can you see yourself become in the next few years from now? Create a mental picture of such in its best form; hold onto it despite all odds of life. Begin to expect it; back up your expectations with relevant planning, preparations, actions, diligent work and strong faith in God. When all these are in place, your manifestation is guaranteed.


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