The battle is not to the swift, neither to the mighty one; only God gives victory. It is not how far in journey of life but how well. It is not how beautiful or glorious the beginning of an event, but the comfort and joy experience at the end of it. The mighty ones are falling in the battle of life; swift ones are coming last in the race of life, the wise of this world becomes fool thereafter, many started well on the way to stardom, but ended up in a terrible destination, some laugh in the morning, but weep at night. What a life, which no one desires.

Samson was a destiny child; born as a deliverer of Israel Judge 13:5, 24. He was strong and mighty man of valour; but his mission was aborted by his lustful act for strange women Judge 15:20. Saul was anointed as first king over Israel I Samuel 9:22. He prophesied among the sons of prophets I Samuel 10:10-11. His kingdom was tore as a result of disobedience I Samuel 15:22-23. Solomon, a great king of his time; endowed with wisdom and riches of the earth, but he loved strange women I King 3:3, 28. His strange wives turned his mind against God. A man of wisdom eventually became idols worshippers. God took his kingdom from him and gave it to his servant I King 11-1-11

This is a call for sober reflection and a call for self-reassessment. This is a call to ask whether or not we are still on cause. This is a call to ask if our visions are still intact or not. It is not how far; but how well. Be conscious of your steps so that you can end well in the voyage of life.

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