Let no man boasts in his vision, wisdom, strength and riches but in God; in whom our visions, wisdom, strengths, and riches are sustained Jeremiah 9:23-24. Let no man trusts in the weapons of war but in God, the mighty warrior and great in battle Psalms 20:7-8. Let no man put trust in men, because they are mere mortals, but in God who is ever faithful to His people from generation to generation Isaiah 2:22, Psalm 118:8-7, Micah 7:5. Let no man takes revenge for the wrong doings of others, but leaves it to God; He repays everyone accordingly to his deeds Roman 12:19. Let no man rejoices over the fall of others; in as much we are still breathing, we are bound to commit the same blunders Proverb 24:17.

Let no man speaks evil of others because no one is a saint in the sight of God; it is of His mercies we are not consumed by our own evil James 4:11, Titus 3:2. Let no man thinks he stands; but be watchful or else he falls into the pit of life out of ignorance I Corinthian 10:12. Let no man be weary of doing good, God will reward him at the right season Galatian 6:9. Let no man be lazy; but be diligent in all his deeds. His hardworking will make way for him to the top Proverb 22:29. Let no man conceals the truth, because the truth will always find its way out, no matter how it is concealed Luke 8:17, Mathew 10:26.

God wants us to lean on Him irrespective of what we think we are capable of doing. Though He gives us free WILL to do otherwise, only in Him we can be fulfilled in life without any regret and reproach.

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