In the course of my meditation some months back, this phrase came into my mind “LIFE IS LIKE PYRAMID”. Indeed, life is like pyramid. Life is not about condemnation; or undue rivalry. Life is like pyramid where everybody goes by to lay down his or her own blocks of ideas and experiences in order to reach the peak of the pyramid.

Oftentimes we engage in undue competitions, we use others as a stepping stone to move on in life. We deliberately make news out of no news; we kill the ideas of others in order to make ours acceptable by confused followers. We discourage, abuse, become stumbling blocks in the ways of others just because of our own selfish interests. All our acts are violating the concepts of life and that is why we have not been able to reach the peak of the pyramid.

We are all endowed with unique gifts; to support each other in fulfilling our dreams in life. God blesses us with great ideas to rule our world; but we are still at the valley of pyramid. We are not making progress towards the attainment of the peak of the pyramid because we engage in condemnation, character assassination and undue rivalries. No one ever complements others but rather destroys the efforts of the young ones. We claim to be the best at the expense of others. We conceal valuable information from reaching others.

God created us to love each other, complement each other and support each other in our pursuits in life. On wings of these, we can reach the peak of the pyramid.

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