Life keeps unfolding things we want to believe, likewise things we do not want to believe. The more we observe life, the more we see pros and cons of life. The more we review the events of life, the more we believe what we ought not to believe. The more we aspire to become great in life, the more conflicting ideas are struggling for supremacy within us; the good, the bad and the ugly ideas. As we review every step we take, every choice we make, every decision we take, we learn contrary lessons about life; lovely and unpleasant lessons. The errors we ought not to commit, the mistakes we ought not to make, the path we ought not to follow. All these embedded in the life we live.

Everyone aspires to be a leader in his or her calling; but not everyone has the grace to sustain the leadership position. Everyone wants to have laudable achievements in his or her lifetime; but not everyone knows how to go about it. Even not everyone wants to pay the price for the prize. I have seen great leaders with humble beginning but ended in pathetic way. I have heard of wealthy men some years back; but now living in penury. I have seen people at the corridor of power; but now in gross obscurity of life. I have read stories about people from grass to grace; likewise from grace to grass. Those who make you king today are ready to put in prison tomorrow.  We thought we are loved but deep inside their facial expression are unimaginable evils. Those who celebrate your success today will be the first group of people that will laugh at when you fail in your assignment tomorrow. They praise you today, they clamour for your head to be beheaded tomorrow. What a life we live! We run on thorns with the strong faith that we will not sustain injury. We walk under the rain believing that we will not be soaked. We aspire with perseverance to become relevant in life, but we never ask for commensurate grace to sustain us in the pursuit of happiness. I have weighed life, reviewed the pros and cons of life, I admit that mankind is not perfect. That is why our errors are inevitable. All we need to accomplish great success is “GRACE”. Grace guides us in the journey of life to stardom; it also sustains us throughout our lifetime. Oh Lord, let your GRACE be sufficient for me lest l become object of ridicule at the end of my life.

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