Love is broad in definition and description. Love is defined as intense feeling of affection and care towards another person, a deep or abiding liking for something, a profound and caring attraction towards someone.

What brings about intense feeling of affection and care from someone to another person may be misconstrued as LOVE. Love has been abused by many people. We define love in such a way to suit our ulterior motives. Oftentimes we do say “I LOVE YOU” without any caution. Loving someone goes beyond a mere utterance; it goes beyond what we can see or behold; love is not only natural but spiritual. Many are in love with gift, wealth, material things, stature, power, position etc. But all these expressions are conditional love. When all these conditions are no longer available, love will definitely disappear. True love is unconditional. In Roman 5:8, “God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” His love is unconditional to mankind.

Most times, what we profess as love is lust. Our lustful desires often blindfold us to believe deceit; and this will eventually end in pains and lifetime regrets. Lust only cares for itself; lust is selfish and deeply rooted in devil John 3:6. Lust comes suddenly and disappears suddenly.

God is love; love is God. Love is not selfish, love cares despite all shortcomings, love is unconditional. Expression of love goes beyond having carnal knowledge; it is a lustful act and God frown at it 1Corinthian 6:13-20.

Love is also not of age but grace; if not many people would not have been deceived and suffered lifetime pains and agonies. I have seen many people, young and old irrespective of age, literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, experienced and unexperienced etc. in an out of what they professed as love because they misconstrued lust for love.

Anytime someone professes love to you, please ask what constitute his or her love. If it is attached to something in you, please reconsider the love because it may be conditional love. Conditional love has tendency to fade away when the condition is no longer favourable.

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