Human beings are programmed for compassion, love and heroism; we have the ability to cooperate and lean on each other to survive especially in difficult time. That is why the principle of friendship cannot be ruled out in life; we make friends for present and future purposes. However, your friends can either stretch your vision or choke your dreams; they can make your vision or abort your dreams. Every second you spend with the wrong company delays, alters or aborts your destiny. What happens when you follow someone who is not going anywhere? You will end up a wanderer. There is an African proverb which says; “a sheep that mingle with dog will definitely eat faeces.” That is why issue relating to friendship cannot be over-emphasized.

Let us briefly examine some friends in the Bible. In I Samuel 18:1 “….the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” Jonathan was a good friend to David. Despite King Saul hatred against David, Jonathan did all he could to ensure that David escaped death traps of his father I Samuel 19:1-2. Ammon accepted the evil counsel of his friend, Jonadab to sleep with his half-sister Tamar; he faced untimely death as a result of his lustful act II Samuel 13:1-15, 26-29. Jehoshaphat almost lost his life as a result of ungodly relationship with the king of Israel I King 22:2, 4-5, 30-35.

There many roads in life that lead to nowhere; likewise there are people that add nothing positive to your life. My questions now are: who is that person accompanying you in the journey of life? When last did you do a thorough assessment of them? How many are really going in your direction?  Some of your so-called friends are due for removal. This can be painful and difficult choice; but you need to in order to enjoy your journey in life. Always remember that your friends are also part of your future. Wrong companion will always corrupt good manner and such relationship may mar a lovely future, even end up in pains and regrets. Watch the company you keep; your friends are your future.

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