On many occasions, I have come across situations/posts where people, mostly men call  housewives liabilities. They will always say and I quote, I can’t marry a liability….

It sounds so offensive, demeaning and unfair to womanhood considering what they go through to keep their homes, so I decided to do a little survey, you can call it a research. 

I did so to gather enough evidence/points or proofs to buttress my submission this afternoon

I asked the men in my group,

“Why do you marry?

96percent of the answers, “I got was…… I marry for companionship.” The other 1percent said, “I marry so I won’t be lonely.” The remaining percentage either said….I marry to fulfill all righteousness, to have children etc. Someone even said, I marry to avoid mockery (I actually had a loud laugh over this particular Comment)

I was actually expecting to see at least one comment like, I marry for financial assistance or so I can have someone to share the bills with me. But no, no man mentioned that!!!!

Now, when you marry a woman who gives you her love,  bears you children, nurture and take care of your children, takes care of the house and it’s general affairs, takes care of you, your feeding, clothing, even your business etc. She makes sure that while you are away, the home front is well taken care of and when you come back home, you have a peaceful, neat place to come back to. 

You don’t come back to start preparing your meal or bathing the kids or doing their homework etc. Your wife got that covered while you were away. Does that not cover why you got married?

How is such a woman a liability to you?

In case you didn’t know the definition of liability, it means according to dictionary.

“A person or thing whose presence or behaviour is likely to put one at a disadvantage” Now, how does your wife pose as a liability with the above definition?

Let me remind us, in case we have such a poor memory, the work of a housewife is the hardest and most challenging yet the least respected and recognised in the society. People, who have offices, have starting and closing time yet a mother/wife has none. She works from morning when people leave for work till night when people retire to bed. She is not paid, but she doesn’t complain. She does it with love for her family. She doesn’t have any particular work description because she covers everything. She’s a super woman

The hardest part of her job is having to battle with the demeaning and derogatory words from people that she’s jobless, when actually she’s not. How jobless is a woman who wakes up in the wee hours of the day only to be the last to go to bed?

You provide the money but she plans the home and makes it a “HOME” for you

Yes, times are hard and I for one, is a strong advocate of women being self-reliant through the acquisition of skills and self-development in order to have their OWN personal money to support themselves and their family, but that shouldn’t make anyone see any housewife as a liability.

Not to mention that most of them are in that position against their will. It could be that they haven’t been able to have a job yet or that the men in their lives want them to be at home

Come to think of it, if your wife is job hunting and you as the Husband is not able to assist her get a job or establish a business for her, you have failed in your responsibility and have no moral justification to open your mouth and call her a liability. Quote me anywhere, no woman is a liability whether she is gainfully employed or not.

My name is Olagunju Abimbola, the truth you know will make you free but it will first piss you off!



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