For the most part, when individuals are tricked and victimized of their well-deserved cash in any capacity, their quick or long lasting response is detest and have a profound situated scorn for whoever has outraged them in such manner. Indeed, for a specific white lady who was misled by a Nigerian online fraudster, this isn’t the situation.

The white woman identified as Terry revealed on a show hosted by American media personality Dr. Phil that she had met a certain man named Jefferey online. After relating with the man for quite a while, she trusted him enough to send her hard earned money to him. Terry later found out that her much trusted man who had become her online lover that she had been scammed by him. She also later found out the identity and location of her scammer. According to what she said, her scammer was no Jefferey and he definitely was no California businessman as he had told her. He was a Nigerian who is based in Ekpoma, Edo state. However, this is not the thrust of the story.

Despite being scammed and having a glint into the identity of the person that duped her, Mrs. Terry has claimed that she is still in love with him! The woman wept while proclaiming her love for this unknown man. According to her, she has grown so used to hearing from him, listening to him tell her that she was special and he loved her a lot.

See her words below: “If I met my scammer today, I would like to say how could you be so cruel to hurt someone like me. My family won’t talk to me, my bank won’t even let me in my bank, I am afraid I am gonna get arrested. Honestly I am so in love with my scammer, I miss him texting me and telling me that he loved me, and I was special to him.”

The fact that she has fallen head over heels in love with a man that has stolen from her has caused Terry to seek advice from Dr. Phil and a relationship consultant present at the show. Her story about falling in love has gripped many people but the general consensus about her case is that she should let go of this man because there is no one iota of truth attached to his profession of love for her.

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