Conception is a process every mother desires a fruit of the womb must pass through before she can bring forth a baby. The process is rigorous, but the end result is the joy every mother desires to see. The process comes with changes in body composition, discomfort in the body, pains, stress, and unimaginable chain of events, but when the baby comes, no mother will care to remember the process again. No one get desired result without going through a process and most times it is a painful process. A student who desires a good result must be diligent in his studies before his good result can materialize. A business man who desires a prosperous business must be ready to pay the prices required. A father who desires a blissful family must be ready to go through the process with maturity, wisdom, meekness, love, forgiveness etc.

Thing cannot just happy suddenly. Somebody must have paid the price of making it happen. You cannot get your desired dreams actualise if you are not ready to pay the prices. The gap between a process and a purpose is the pain you must go through. If you are ready to pair your pain with a purpose, you will definitely get your desired result. Process comes in various forms depending on the desired result. Isaac did not just prosper in the land. He passed through painful process before he became prosperous in the land. God instructed him not to go down to Egypt (Genesis 26:2-3). That was a painful process to Isaac because Egypt would have been good place to make a new start. He dug wells which were taken away from him because of envy. He kept on digging wells until they did not quarrel with him again (Genesis 26:18-22). That was a painful process paired with a purpose. Never quit that process because your testimony is attached to it. Hold on and hold out, you will soon get through it.

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