Every great accomplishment in life starts as a vision conceived in the heart of a person; duly processed, pursued with all inner strength, despite all odds until it becomes a point of reference to others who desires similar accomplishments in life. A graduate of any field of study in life starts the journey as a pupil in kindergarten. The Dubai Tower, also known as Dubai City is a proposed megatall tower announced in 2009. The building created by an architect to display possibly future technologies was conceived as a sketch on a paper before it became what we can see.

What matter most in life is not where, how and when you start, it is how you finish that counts. Always have a clear picture of greatness in whatever you conceive as an idea in your heart and pursue it to the end to bring out the greatness in your dream.

However, an idea will remain worthless and nothing to acknowledge if you refuse to take it to the next level. That is where total commitment, perseverance and dedication are highly needed. Though the beginning may be small, irrelevant and nothing to celebrate, the latter end shall be greatly increase if and only if you do not give up on your dreams. Most people fail in life not because they do not have dreams. Indeed they have dreams, but they cannot join the beginning of their dreams to the end, in the process of time they lose focus and abandon the little beginning.

Your present state is not your end; you must see a glorious end in advance with your eye of faith, before it becomes a reality. Remember that mustard seed of today becomes a giant tree tomorrow. Remember that little kid in kindergarten today becomes a graduate of tomorrow. Never settle for small things in life, take a little beginning to a greater end. Success is a lifetime journey and not a destination and every success you achieve in life is work in progress until you breathe the last breath.

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