Habit is an action or pattern of behaviour that is repeated so often, which has become typical of a person. Habit is the second nature of individuals that affects our lives in a powerful way. Good habit can be of a great benefit but bad habit not properly handled can pull down a spiritual or economic giant. That is why knowing motive behind every habit is very important. If motive is good, the habit will make us, if the motive is bad, the habit will definitely ruin us. Habit is likened to a mustard seed very insignificant as a seed, but when it grows, it becomes very noticeable giant tree.

Solomon formed the habit of loving strange women; they eventually turned his mind against God I King 10:4. Samson formed the habit of loving strange women; he ended up on the lap of Delilah. He became an object of ridicule before Philistines before he died a shameful death Judge 14:1-2, 16:1, 4-30. Dinah, daughter of Leah formed the habit of mingling with uncultured children of the land; she was defiled by the uncultured son of the land Genesis 34:1. Daniel did not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies or the wine of the king. He distinguished himself above the governors and satraps because of good habit he formed. He was preferred over others in the land Daniel 1:8, 6:3-4. Habit is a life we live. John Dryden says “We first make our habits and then our habit make us.” Do not allow bad habits enslave your destiny. Bad habit takes away your honour and gives you shame and inner condemnation.

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