Thought is very crucial to one’s emergence in life. Everything we can behold, every event of life begins with a thought. God had a thought of what He wanted before the earth and all other creatures were created. God also gives mankind unrestricted access to the well of thought in Him; thus, it makes us think like Him and act like Him. But sometimes this thought can be corrupted. What you choose to think about, ponder on and dominate your mind will either make or mar you. Out of the abundance of the heart is every reaction will display, likewise attitude will exhibit. These are the products of one’s thought.

That is why you need to be careful of what you think about. We need to control our thought pattern and never open up to evil communication. It is only positive thinking that can bring out the best in you. Out of the abundance of the heart flows well of thought; you must tap into your thought realm to show case the potentials in you. Many ideas are locked up inside of you; you must unlock them through critical thinking.


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