To All the Boys: Always and Forever is a 2021 American teen romantic comedy film directed by Michael Fimognari and starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo. The film is based on Jenny Han‘s 2017 novel Always and Forever, Lara Jean and is a sequel to To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020), and the third and final installment in the To All the Boys film series. It was released on February 12, 2021, by Netflix.


Lara Jean Covey, accompanied by her sisters Kitty and Margot, her father Dan, and her neighbor Trina Rothschild, visits Seoul for spring break. She reconnects with the memory of her mother by searching for a lock her mother had left on a bridge to memorialize her love for Dan, and finally manages to read her accompanying message, which says “for the rest of my life.” Returning home, she mentions to her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, that the two of them never had a meet-cute, meeting Peter’s disbelief because he remembers their first meeting quite well. She nervously waits for the result of her Stanford University application so she can attend college with Peter. As Dan’s relationship with Trina becomes more serious and the family begins to plan their upcoming wedding, Lara Jean is disappointed when she is accepted to her safety schools, the University of California, Berkeley and New York University, but is rejected from Stanford.


Initially leaning towards Berkeley to live closer to Peter, Lara Jean enjoys New York City during a school trip and decides on NYU. She explains her decision to Peter, but his disappointment at her decision is palpable, and he decides to break up with her on prom night to save himself what he sees as the inevitable breakdown of a long-distance relationship. Respecting Lara Jean’s wishes, Peter skips Dan and Trina’s wedding; he also meets with his formerly absentee father for a meal and chooses to try and reconnect despite the years of his absence. After the wedding festivities, Kitty conspires with Peter to set up a meeting between him and Lara Jean under the wedding tent. Lara Jean finds a letter in her yearbook from Peter containing his account of their first meeting in sixth grade and a proposed contract to always love each other despite the 3,000 miles (4,800 km) between Stanford and NYU. Peter walks in and asks her to sign on, to which she joyfully assents. The film ends with Lara Jean’s reflection on wanting what she has with Peter, regardless of what films say and what stereotypes say about long-distance relationships. She remains optimistic that the distance will offer them the opportunity to keep writing love letters to one another.


  • Lana Condoras Lara Jean, a half-Korean, half-White high school student; the main character and Peter’s girlfriend
  • Noah Centineoas Peter, Lara Jean’s boyfriend and a popular lacrosse player
  • Janel Parrishas Margot, Lara Jean’s mature and responsible older sister who goes to college in Scotland
  • Anna Cathcartas Kitty, Lara Jean’s playful little sister who got her and Peter together
  • John Corbettas Dr. Covey, Lara Jean’s kind and somewhat protective father
  • Sarayu Blueas Trina Rothschild, the Covey’s friendly neighbor who develops a budding romance with Lara Jean’s dad
  • Madeleine Arthuras Christine, Gen’s cousin and Lara Jean’s best friend (who goes by “Chris”)
  • Ross Butleras Trevor, Peter and Lara Jean’s good friend and Chris’ on-and-off boyfriend
  • Emilija Baranacas Genevieve, a pretty and popular girl who is Peter’s ex-girlfriend, and Lara Jean’s best-friend-turned-rival (who goes by “Gen”)
  • Trezzo Mahoro as Lucas, Lara Jean’s gay and amiable friend as well as one of her former love-interests
  • Kelcey Mawema as Emily, Gen’s friend
  • Sofia Black-D’Eliaas Heather
  • Henry Thomasas Mr. Kavinsky, Peter’s father

Initial release12 February 2021

DirectorMichael Fimognari

Adapted fromAlways and Forever, Lara Jean

Story byJenny Han

Music composed byJoe Wong


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