Whatever you are looking for is right inside you. The equation of your life is in you. You are the determinant factor of your future. Only the pilot determines the altitude, speed and direction of flight of an aircraft likewise only you can determine how high, and how far you will go. The roles of friends, relatives, spouse, and parents are either supportive or advisory. You are the pilot of the aircraft of your life. You are the driver of the vehicle of your life. You are in charge; the priest over your home. You are the architect of your fortune or misfortune. Your destiny is in your hand.

I love the story of Joseph so much and l love to always make reference to his story. He was indeed a role model to follow any day any time. God showed him what he will become in life, but God did not reveal the processes he will undergo to bring his dreams to reality. Out of youthful carelessness, he revealed the dreams to his brothers who were envious of him. They conspired against him, and he was sold into slavery Genesis 37:7-28. Every event in each stage of his life is creating a wide gap between him and his dreams. But he never give up. He was so convinced that he will become what God revealed unto him. He was so faithful to his calling without compromising his faith. He was lied against by his master’s wife because he refused to defile his master’s bed Genesis 39:7-20. At the end of his ordeals, he became Prime Minister in foreign land.

One thing that guaranteed his glorious future was himself. He determined not to be corrupted, he made others happy at his own expense and the end of it justified him. If there is no clear cut vision for your life, it will be difficult for vision helpers to run such vision with you. Except you passionately champion the cause you truly believe in, no one will believe in you. It is when you take the lead that others will follow you. You are the key to unlock your future. Identify the next phase of your life, develop a mental picture and make it so vivid, initiate the practical steps you will take to get to your destination in life and passionately work towards it. As you progress in the journey to stardom, your passion and result will influence others to join you. More importantly, take divine instructions from God and always keep your vision alive. God bless you.

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