The creation of heaven and earth shed more light on the need to be organised in everything we do. It teaches us hidden secret behind great success recorded by God in Genesis 1:1-26.  A life must be organised or else it will run into crisis. When there is crisis, confusion and frustration are inevitable. An unorganised life lives a life of trial and error; wastes precious resources in the pursuit of nothing.

To organise means to arrange a course of action both mentally and physically ahead of time; to put things in order of priority. Nothing is too small or big to be organised. In fact, every step of our life must be organised or else it will end up in avoidable confusion and frustration.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured; peaceful and not to be full of pain. The best approach to live a blissful life is to be organised in all we do; both spiritual and secular. Do everything in an organised mind. Avoid last minute rush; it will save you from avoidable stress and pressure.

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