Contentify – Proprietary AI Turns YouTube Videos into Traffic Getting Articles at the press of a button. Contentify is the software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs. All you have to do is give the software a keyword or enter your YouTube URLs, contentify then automatically fetches the relevant YouTube videos and converts what is spoken into your site’s content.

Content attracts potential visitors to website. If you own a website, you need to make sure your content is unique and engaging, which improves your business online presence and earn more visitors’ interest. However, we need to accept the truth that creating quality and unique content is burdensome. It is time consuming. It is boring. It quickly drains your energy. And to make matters worse, it can take months before you see any results or no result at all.

If you want to hire freelance writer to create high quality content, it will definitely involve additional cost per content. For a single article from an entry level content writer, you can expect to pay a minimum of $100 per content. And let us be real here. One article is not going to cut it. To increase your chances of ranking in Google you will need a huge bundle of articles. That quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in monthly costs. Let us do some calculations. If you are on the cheapest plan with your freelance content writer, you would be paying a minimum of $50 for an article. And let us assume you will need about 100 articles for your blog for a month. It means you will be paying the sum of $5000 for a year.

But you can pay a minimum of $17 right now for the same service you’d have paid $5000 for.


Put Your Traffic Generation Into Top Gear With Quality Content:

  • STEP 1: Activation: Activate Contentify Software.
  • STEP 2: Enter: Enter any keyword to choose your desired niche or Enter Any YouTube URLs
  • STEP 3: Monetization: Input the link you want traffic sent to so you can profit, this could be anything
  • STEP 4: Turn YouTube Videos Articles: Contentify will begin turning already successful YouTube videos into articles on your website 24/7, on complete autopilot, like a tireless robot.

Other methods of traffic generation involve dozens of different moving parts, which are bound to confuse most marketers. Contentify is the opposite from a complicated software. It does not get much simpler than this. There’s nothing you can really mess up because all the heavy lifting is taken care of for you by their proprietary AI. The sooner you get started the sooner you could be creating profitable websites which will make you 1k to 5k per month. There’s no reason to struggle anymore when you’ve solved your content creation problem. Take that mini leap of faith and start experiencing the online lifestyle. Get It Now.


  • Find creative common videos from YouTube with a keyword: When you enter a search term, Contentify pulls data from Youtube into the software in order to show you best videos regarded to your niche keyword. Or You can enter any Youtube URLs and Contentify Automatically Builds Content For You.
  • Automatically transcribe it into text: All you have to do is select a video you want to be transcribed to a post, the software does the rest of the work. No more worries for blog content because their software allows you to turn any videos to text format on autopilot
  • Manually customize publish transcribed text to WordPress post: Before submitting posts to your website, Contentify allows you to edit your posts. You can add more text, images, videos to your blog posts
  • The chosen video is included in the site: You don’t need to show up in front of the camera to record yourself or make a video from scratch. Automatically source the video provided at the bottom of the page when you use a copyrighted video.
  • Schedule feature included: With Contentify, you have the ability to schedule your transcribed blog posts to be posted at a specific time in future.
  • Built-in Text translator: This built-in text translation module from this software helps you expand your business in different regions. You have the ability to translate your blog posts to any language you want. How awesome would it be if you have blog content in English and you will be able to translate it to Turkish, French or any language you want.
  • Article spinner Integration: Use 3 text spinner services to make unique articles for your website. You will be able to create multiple high-quality versions of each article which will help you outrank your competitors in search engine.
  • Access to huge free royalty images and videos: With Contentify, You will have access to their stock library and you can use as many royalty free images and videos as you would like for your blog posts.
  • Monetize sites by placing banner ads, html banner, and inline link: This is a great way to generate revenue from websites because once banner ads are placed on strategic spots, it grabs people’s attention. You can monetize sites via affiliate products, CPA offers, or Google Adsense or replacing any keywords with your affiliate link, CPA link or whatever your link is
  • Monetize Sites by promoting products from any affiliate platform: With their built-in monetization, you are allowed to promote products from any platform. You name it: Amazon, eBay, Jvzoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, Shopify, Paydotcom, CJ,etc.
  • 1-click share transcribed posts to top social media platforms: 1-click share everything on your websites to social media in order to engage and drive even more free traffic. This software is integrated with top social media platforms – You name it: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vk, Tumblr,etc.
  • Complete step-by-step training videos included: They got you covered because they have an online tutorial explaining every steps in Contentify. All you have to do is follow their training videos and enjoy using the software. On top of that, their support desk is always behind to help you resolve all problems you may have.
  • Frequently Get Software Update: Once you go with them today, you will always receive free update as well as full support from them


  • Find creative common videos from YouTube with a keyword or enter any specific YouTube URLs
  • Automatically transcribe it into text
  • Manually or Automatically publish transcribed text to your site
  • 1-click share transcribed posts to top social media platforms
  • Place banner ads, html banner, and inline link.
  • Built-in Text translator with Contentify
  • Schedule feature included
  • 3 paid spinner services integrated
  • Access to huge free royalty images and videos
  • Auto-share a new post to Facebook fanpage and Pinterest when it’s published


  • Q: Is Contentify A Software Or A Training Course? Contentify is the software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs. It’s your one stop, all in one fix for producing killer content like a writer would, but without the cost of paying a writer.
  • Q: Do I Have To Write Blog Content For My Site? Definitely NO. This software does the hardest work for you. It helps you get the unique content on autopilot.
  • Q: Does Contentify work in any niche? Yes. Any niche imaginable. Just enter your desired keyword into the software and you’re good to go.
  • Q: How Do I Get Support? All you have to do is contact us at:

Support Desk URL -:

Support Email:

  • Q: Does Your Product Come With Training Tutorial? There will be step-by-step training tutorials in the member area.
  • Q: Does It Have Updates? Yes, it has. You will always get free updates.

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