Unforgiveness is a heavy load no one should dare to carry in his or her mind. Release your offenders from your inner mind, lest you will be enslaved forever by the demon calls unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness is unnecessary yoke or burden you carry in your own mind and you refuse to let go of it. It is a burden you must let go if you want to go far in life! Unforgiveness is when you are unwilling or unable to forgive someone for hurting, betraying, breaking your trust or causing you intense emotional pain.

Many people carry the burden of unforgiveness in their minds like backpack and they are ready to fight anyone that tries to admonish them to let go of it. As long as they carry that yoke in their minds, they will find it extremely difficult to move forward into the beautiful future God has for them.

Unforgiveness is poisonous; it destroys its own container. It destroys like an incurable cancer. It makes someone to focus on things that will not add value to his life. It makes someone to focus his energy on missions to take revenge by all means. It makes someone to focus on insignificant things and oftentimes do result in more pains and agonies. It brings fear and anxiety. It creates unconducive atmosphere anytime you see your offenders. It brings negative agitation in your mind. It takes away your peace and put you in the state of distress.

Holding on to an offence is as dangerous as a small bike trying to pull a large truck up a slippery hill. The large truck will eventually draw the bike backward. It will crash on the truck.  Unforgiveness is a heavy load no one should dare to carry in their minds. Forgive and forget the offenders. It is not easy to forgive those who have offended us, but the only option of saving our souls from self-destruction is to forgive our offenders. You will never gain anything by holding on to an offence. It will not add anything to you other than sorrow and pain. Why can’t you forgive and forget? Are you ready to free yourself from the shackles of unforgiveness?

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