When our hearts are clouded with conflicting thoughts, the future looks like world of fantasy to us. The anxieties of the unknown grip our souls. Our God is faithful, waiting to show up as our saving grace.

When the afflictions of life want to overwhelm our hearts; struggling to be set free from the pains and agonies of unknown forces and it seems our breath will cease from us. Our God is faithful; He is ready to heal us from our afflictions.



A thankful heart is a cheerful heart. A thankful heart is closest to the riches of the universe. A thankful heart is free from the bondage of anxiety, fear and apprehension of life. Show me a cheerful man; l will tell you story of a man free of captivity of deadly diseases.

When storms are ranging, tossing us to and fro in the voyage of life and it seems the ship of our life will eventually sink. Our God is faithful; He will stretch forth His right hand to rescue us from the boisterous storms of life.

When it seems the Sun will not rise again. Our souls weak, our strengths collapse within us and it seems we should throw in the towel. Our God is faithful; Sun will rise again, a new dawn will break forth and our hope will be restored.

Indeed our He is faithful; from generation to generation. He is an awesome God; He is our refuge, the present help in the time of trouble. He loves us so much. His mercy endures forever over us; even from generation to generation.

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