Somewhere deep inside us is a call for a purpose. Somewhere deep inside us is a glowing light waiting to light up the whole world. Oftentimes, this call is not rational and even seemingly to be absurd. This inner call is for real, but beclouded with issues of life. These issues of life open the door of our inner mind to fear, discouragement, distraction and frustration, thereby making many people to abandon God’s ordained purpose for their lives.

This gentle voice is a voice of inspiration, encouragement and motivation; but restrain by what occupy our hearts. It gives us a push regardless of what anyone might say to us. We feel its comfort just like cool breeze touching our skin. But oftentimes we care not to listen to what this gentle voice from within is saying. We are distracted by; opinions of the people, pressure from peers group and what we can see. This meek voice is from our Creator; telling us what to do per time.

Open your inner mind to hear from Him. One word from God, duly observed will definitely save us from years of wandering in the wilderness of life. Will you care to listen anytime He speaks to your inner mind?

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