Self-knowledge is crucial to destiny fulfilment. If you do not know who you are; you will waste what you have. Self-knowledge is one of the major factors that assist in fulfilling God’s divine purpose. Having knowledge of who you are is very essential to destiny fulfilment; it prevents one from wandering aimlessly in the voyage of life. Above all, it makes life free of stress and worth of enjoying. Knowing yourself gives you boldness; ability to understand what makes you different from others, your strength, weakness and temperament. Self-knowledge assists us in choice of friends, career, business partner, marriage partner and other man’s endeavours in life. Except you know who you are you will be tossed to and fro by all form of doctrines, very complicated to understand.

David knew who he was; and he made bold declaration to confront Goliath I Samuel 17:32-37. His self-knowledge guaranteed his victory over Goliath I Samuel 17:42-50.

Are you confused about who you are? Just look inward, and provide sincere and objective answers to these questions:

  1. What do you do with little input or effort but achieves maximum results?
  2. What is it that when you do people wonder how you did it, and commend you greatly for it?
  3. What is it that you do with enthusiasm not minding whether you are paid or not?
  4. What gives you utmost fulfilment?
  5. Where does your spirit wander to naturally and often?
  6. What is it that appeals to you most in life?
  7. What is your temperament?

These and many more will provide you clues to the kind of person you are. Always remember that the first and most important discovery in life is that of self-discovery, if you do not know who you are loss of purpose is inevitable; when you lose purpose of life, frustration and failure will be the end result.

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