Inside mustard seed lies a gigantic tree. Inside little things lie great things. Whoever despises the day of little beginning may end up becoming nothing in life. Do you ever look down on your potential? Do you ever discountenance other people’s opinion simply because you feel you are always right? Do you ever think nothing good can come out of you or others? If yes, then you are losing out in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Sooner or later, you will become irrelevant in life.

Have you ever heard of butterfly effect? Physics describes how tiny changes in initial condition such flapping of a butterfly’s wing can affect weather thousands of miles away. How come a fragile butterfly can alter weather pattern on another continent! That is mystery that no one can unfold!

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Have you ever imagine how very tiny mustard seed can become a gigantic tree in the forest! In II King 5:13-14, if Naaman had despised the advice of his servants to follow Prophet Elisha’s instruction, he would have remained a leper through his lifetime. Goliath despised David because he was young and inexperienced in the fighting battle; but he became carcasses to the birds of the air and the wild beast of the earth I Samuel 17:14, 45-50.

You may feel insignificant or as fragile as the butterfly, but you are more than who you think you are. That little seed in you is what you need to rule your world. Sow the seed on a good ground, nurture it to maturity, it will surely become a giant tree where others will tap from. Never underrate what you are capable of doing because inside of you are great potentials waiting to explode!

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