The situation described in the news snippet indicates that many Nigerians are migrating to Truth Social as an alternative microblogging app after Twitter announced restrictions on the number of tweets users can read in a day. The migration to Truth Social has not stopped even after Twitter rescinded the policy. Truth Social, which was founded by ex-U.S. President Donald Trump, had not been very popular among Nigerians until the restrictions were imposed on Twitter.

The popularity of Truth Social among Nigerians increased when Twitter users faced difficulties logging into the app due to the restrictions. Truth Social took advantage of this situation and even mocked Twitter by emphasizing that on their platform, users can read and post as many truths as they want for free.

Some Nigerians expressed their excitement about their Truth Social experience, while others voiced their concerns. @MissPearls mentioned that her mentions on Truth Social were already going wild even before she posted her first truth, and she sees it as a potential alternative to Twitter. @MrBlackOG noted that Truth Social crashed due to a high number of Twitter refugees invading the app, indicating a significant influx of users.

On the other hand, @gimbakakanda expressed disapproval of Nigerians adopting Truth Social as an alternative to Twitter. The user criticized the choice, highlighting that Truth Social was founded by Donald Trump, who has been associated with far-right extremism. They suggested that using Truth Social might not be a favorable option, comparing it to being in Elon Musk’s prison instead of Trump’s penthouse.

The situation reflects how social media platform policies and actions by influential figures can lead to mass migrations of users to alternative platforms. People’s preferences for social media platforms can be influenced by factors like user experience, political affiliations of the platform’s founders, and the perception of the platform’s values and principles.

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