Life has taught us lessons and inasmuch as we are still living, life we teach us more lessons. The lessons that we must believe and the lessons we may find extremely difficult to believe. In this life, some will crawl, some will walk, some will run, and some will fly. God has predestined everyone to run his or her race according to the ordained plans from above. Some to be early achievers, some to be late achievers, some to rule from the top, some to rule from the valley of life. Life comes in phases, everyone with his or her ordained phases. You cannot outrun your destiny if you do not want to end up living a miserable life.

I was told an inspiring story of man. In 90’s he was a man living in abject poverty, with no hope of future at all. He struggled to make ends meet. He laboured so hard to put food on the table for his family. He felt the pains of being a poor man, shame and ridicule of life with no means of sustaining good life. He tried his hands on many ventures with little or no result. He was made a leader of motorcycle taxi in a community he migrated to. After years of battling with poverty, a new agency was established in his country. As God will have it, he was lucky to be employed as one of the pioneer members. After few years, he was promoted with others to fill vacancies at the higher level of the organisation. Currently, he is holding a very sensitive department of the agency with over 4000 personnel under his control and authority. What a life!

Inasmuch as we are still breathing there is hope for a better tomorrow. Inasmuch as we have strong faith in God, our future is secured in Him. Never allow depression to kill you, do not give a chance for suicide thoughts in your heart; do not outrun your destiny. Wait patiently as life unfolds what it has for you. In God, your future end is guaranteed.

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