Not all good ideas are God’s ordained ideas. Most times in life God promises us specific things and such things may take longer time to manifest. We become anxious to have it. Some lose hope in the process; some take to shortcuts to get it done. But that is not God’s will for us, He wants to us wait patiently for the fulfillment of His promises, His own time may not be our own time Habakkuk 3:3. He knows the best time for a promise to come to pass, so that it will be more glorious.

God established His covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12:2-3. He promised to make him father of nations, though he had no child when He was making the promise Genesis 15:1-6. When the promise was delayed, his wife Sarah prevailed on him to sleep with her housemaid, Hagar the Egyptian. It was a pleasant idea in their sights. Hagar would have a baby and the whole house would have a child to call theirs. But that was not God’s ordained plan for Abraham. Hagar conceived and gave birth to Ishmael, with a different covenant. The idea altered God’s plans and purposes for Abraham Genesis 16:12. Potiphar’s wife enticed Joseph to sleep with her. It was a good idea, pleasant in the heart of man. At least it would have given him assurance of having his freedom very soon. Mrs. Potiphar would have prevailed on her husband to secure his freedom.  But Joseph will only have temporal liberty because his secret affair with Mrs. Potiphar would be exposed one day. That would have denied him the original plan of God for his life.

Indeed waiting can be one of the hardest things for us as humans, but we should hold on His words patiently and put our trust in Him to the end. Between the PROMISE and the ANSWER are the waiting times, and the process times. Temptations will come against us, our faith will be tested, our waiting times will be with uncertainties, but do not GIVE UP.People will come to us with good ideas, too good to resist, but never accept it. Do not accept his request to sleep with him before you can get the job; do not succumb to extra-marital affairs; do not create shortcuts that would later become deadly cuts. Do not create your Ishmael that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your waiting time is not your wasting time. God is processing your testimony to make it more glorious.  

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