My motherland, the land of parables of confusion! The land endowed with abundant resources but living in scarcity; the nation of Generals without war; Professors without solutions to national issues; politicians without political ideologies to develop the economy; riches without prosperity; nobles without morals; religion without piety; heroes without honour; law without justice; criminals becoming celebrities; history without glory; schools without learning; intellectuals without thoughts; terrorists without identities; academic certificates without values; hunger in the midst of abundance; change without progress; next level without solid foundation; democracy without equity; unity without love; heroes without sacrifices; policies without plans; crimes without culprits; saints without humanity; integrity without performance; wars without enemies; billionaires without businesses; youths without dreams; elders without wisdom; success without successors. Indeed, my motherland is parables of confusion.

Who can deliver us from self-inflict afflictions? Who can deliver us from the oppressors who are enslaving us in our motherland? Our souls thirst for a living water. Our hearts are fainting because there is no strength in us. Our legs are too weak to carry us again. We feel the agony deep in our marrows. Our souls longing for a new dawn; our spirits want to sing the song of redemption. Who will break the snares so that we will be liberated?

Arise, my motherland, breakup from the yoke of parables of confusion. Arise, my motherland, let there be a new song for a new beginning. Arise, my motherland, let the old chapter be closed and a new chapter be opened. I have a dream, one day the oppressors will be oppressed; the oppressed will be at liberty. I have a dream, one day a new nation will spring up; we shall no longer remember the former nation. I have a dream, one day, justices will prevail; the criminals will have no place to hide. I have a dream, one day, the poor shall be raised from the dust and the beggars shall be lifted from the dunghill. They shall be set among the princes and they shall inherit the throne of glory. On that day, there shall be no discrimination between the rich and the poor again. I have a dream, one day, our youths shall be pillars of this nation, they shall stand for what is right. I have a dream, one day, self-inflict afflictions shall cease; there shall be sound of victory. I have a dream, one day, the bows of the mighty men shall be broken; and those who stumbled shall be girded with strength. I have a dream, one day, the horn of this nation shall be exalted in the Lord. I have a dream, one day, the LORD shall comfort my motherland: He will comfort all her waste places; and He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD; joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of melody forever.

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