Everything that has to do with God takes a process and requires patience before such things will manifest for the whole world to see. This teaches us a lesson that there is no shortcut to stardom. Any success that happens suddenly does not last forever. Such success blossom as the Sun rises; but withers away as the Sun sets.

Everything God created passes message to us; but not everyone understands the process of life. When a seed is planted, it does not sprout and produce fruits immediately. It undergoes some processes before harvest. Farmer must nurture it from early stage to maturity, following by bumper harvest. These processes teach us the need to be patient in life. Too much of haste will lead to waste or outright termination of beautiful dreams. In James 1:4, it reads “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” Abraham became father of many nations because he waited patiently on the promise of God.

God’s promises follow due processes; you either enjoy every step of the process or you will waste away for something you cannot change. If you want to last and remain in God’s purpose for your life, you need patience. Follow the processes with good attitude, learn lessons in each process, grow with each process, you will definitely get there. Just be patient; that is what you need to reach the peak of your destiny.                                                  

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