TO GOD BE THE GLORY: A Personal Testimony of God’s Healing Power by Lydia Marshall

God blessed me with the amazing ability to excel at school and to achieve almost unheard of academic success, but instead of giving God the glory, my heart became full of pride at how good I was at school and how much I had accomplished. My focus was not on God, and as a result, I did not feel fulfilled. My soul desired to know my Creator. I had a huge gaping hole inside of me that desperately needed to be filled with God, and I was trying to fill it with physical achievements. To fill the giant void in my life, I ended up getting together with a very ungodly man. I became pregnant, and he in turn became angry, abusive, and focused on evil. This book does not dwell on the abuse or the physical events that took place, but instead focuses on what I had to overcome spiritually in order to let God work in my life. God guided me through 6 Steps of Healing.


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