Many are running the race of life on the wrong path and they care not to observe it. They run with zeal only to reach unknown destination. They pay the price in order to get the prize; but all their prices are wasted efforts. Many are overwhelmed with ovations from people around them. They pause to acknowledge those who sing their praises. Alas, they end up losing focus of where they are going. Many are lonely in the race of life. They feel empty and confuse. They look around for someone to pity them. Alas, they find no one to comfort them. In this emptiness of life, with no one to lean on, they abandon the race for another mission.

The fear and anxiety of unknown grip many in the course of the race. The fear of past failure haunts some from the beginning to the end. This discourages many to attempt running the race again. They decide to accept fate rather than attempting the race again.

But some are bold like lion, running the race of life to obtain the crown ahead, even when they fail over and over again. In their failures lie their strengths. In their mistakes lie experiences to trace their path back to the right path. In their loneliness lies strong faith to conquer the world.

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