Some years back, young boy called Dennis and his sister Nancy, travelled to village to spend their summer holidays with grandma. His grandma loved his so much that she gave him a sling (catapult) as a gift to play with during his stays. One day, Dennis went into the woods to hunt for birds. After taking a lot of shots in the woods, he did not hit any bird! Out of frustration, he decided to return home. On his way back home, he saw grandma’s most cherished duck! He decided to play pranks with the duck. Unfortunately, the sling hit the duck on the head and died instantly. Out of fear of what grandma will do, he hid its dead body in the wood pie. Unknown to him, his sister was watching him when he committed the act. From that day, his sister Nancy started using the act to blackmail him. Anytime she wants to force him to do a task, she will whisper to him, “Remember the duck?” The blackmail continued for many days. After several days of blackmail, Dennis finally decided to confess to grandma that he had killed her pet duck! Grandma embraced him passionately and said, “Sweetheart Dennis, I know! You see, I was standing at the window and I saw you committing the act. But because of the love l have for, I forgave you since that day! I knew Nancy was blackmailing you and I was just wondering how long you would let her hold you bound to your past deed!” From that moment, Dennis regained his freedom.

That is how our past has been holding into ransom because of our wrongdoings. We become a slave to the errors committed in the past. The guilt is consuming us day by day. But God is standing at the window; He saw the blunders you committed. He had already forgiven on the very second you committed the act. He is just waiting for you to amend your ways, to retrace your steps back to Him. What is in your past is past, you cannot undo it. You can only let it go and start as a new man, with a new heart. Never allow the deeds of the past to consume you. Break the yoke that has enslaved you for years and become a free man today.

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