One of the greatest advantages mankind has over other creators is the “WILLPOWER”. Mankind is endowed with the inbuilt capacity to turn around ashes to beauty, mourning to joy, wilderness experience to pleasant experience. The history of civilisation is a proof of man’s ability to make things conform to his will. Animals and other creatures live by instinct; but mankind live by reason. We are endowed to picture our future, choose a path to follow in order to accomplish our dreams. We are endowed with problem solving gifts; the willpower to accomplish our goals in life.



A senior colleague of mine once told me that this world is ruled by wickedness and you must hit back with wickedness anytime someone does evil against you. That is, you must pay back evil with evil.

Oftentimes this willpower is made idle or insignificant by our belief and ignorance. The belief that all events of life are predetermined by a higher spiritual power or mentality of “what will be will be” has enslaved our mental capacity. This preordained philosophy not only undermines the willpower but also ignores the purposes for which God created mankind to fulfil.

The willpower of woman with issue of blood made her whole Matthew 9:20-22. In Mark 10:46, the blind Bartimaeus received his sight back because of his willpower.

Many great men who had their beginnings in hovels and huts but left their names prominently transcribed in the pages of history never achieved that by sheer luck; but by personal choice, fuelled by strong willpower. God endows us with willpower to turn around ugly situation around to beauty, proffers solutions to complicated issues, turns mountain to stepping stone to greater height in life, to scale through the stormy voyage and many other unimaginable things. Use your willpower positively to move the world and rule your world.

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