‘Elizabeth’ was asked for money within a week of speaking to her online match and claims the police ‘did nothing’

A woman claimed a Nigerian gang posing as an online love interest conned her out of £20,000. ‘Elizabeth’ (which is not her real name) appeared on Good Morning Britain TV show to warn people of the dangers of online dating. After thinking she was dating an engineer from Southampton who had a contract out in Dubai, it turned out to be a scam. She revealed: “I was very vulnerable, I had been on my own for a long time and I just wanted to meet someone.

At 56-years-old she met ‘Harold’ a Norwegian man who had a contract in Dubai, which meant it was difficult to meet up (this turned out to be a lie).

capture-connedjpgAfter being asked about how he won over her trust, she explained: “He used to email me and tell me how lovely I was, he would make me feel like any woman would want to.” But it was not just love on the table, as she revealed: “He said that I could have a job with him as well, to be quite honest with you.”

After initially handing over £3,000, in total she gave the scammers more than £20,000. ‘Elizabeth’ claims they sent up to 20-30 messages and emails a day and said “they were basically brainwashing me”.

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan pressed the victim more, as it was revealed that ‘Elizabeth’ was targeted by more than one person in the elaborate hoax. “I believe they were a gang of Nigerian scammers,” said Elizabeth. Susanna then quizzed her on what the police said. “I did not really get much from the police, they did not give me a lot of information,” said the woman, after admitting that this was her theory that it was a Nigerian gang. “They said there was nothing they could do for me.”

Good Morning Britain also revealed the latest figures of ‘romance fraud’ with victims losing £23.3million in 2015.

Culled from http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news

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