You cannot rise above a position you are unwilling to pursue in your lifetime. You can never attain a height you never dream of in your life. You cannot pass an examination you never prepare ahead to write. Between where you are now and where you are going are hurdles to cross, challenges to face, setbacks you must contend with and many unfriendly events of life you must prevail over. What connects you to the future is the zeal to pursue your dreams even when it seems there is no future.



Direction is having a sense of purpose; feeling of having a definite goal or purpose to be fulfilled in life. Life is a journey and everyone must embark on it with a sense of direction.

It is a statement of fact that life is full of ups and downs; life in the valley, life on the mountain top. In such circumstances, we see the future but we do not know how to connect with it. Joseph dreamt to become great in life Genesis 37:6-10. Though his dream suffered strong oppositions, he eventually fulfilled God’s purpose for his life. In the midst of strong conspiracy from his brothers and foiled attempt by his master’s wife to lure him to bed which sent him to prison, he never felt discouraged Genesis 37:18, 39:7-20. He crossed all the hurdles with zeal to connect to the future.

Do not allow the memories of your pass failures to tie you down to the past or prevent you from starting over again. Do not allow oppositions to prevail over your dreams. Never allow events of life to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. You must always remember that weeping may endure for the night, but surely joy will be yours in the morning. Rise up from the shadow of the past and make a new start. It is not over until it is over. You are able, more than able to light up your world.


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