Every word utters is an end product of your thought. A mind fills with bitterness will produce words seasoning with bitterness. A joyful heart will produce words seasoning with joy. If your thoughts are bad, your words will be corrupted; if your thoughts are good, your words will be inspiring. Words are spirits; they propel actions towards good or bad. Words are likened to oil in the engine. Good oil makes engine to function well; bad oil makes good engine to malfunction and increases the wear and tear of the engine. Words are hidden motives behind our actions.

When words are said and articulated in the right path, they can change someone’s mind. The words have the power to bring someone from the pit of life and make greatness out of them and the same words can destroy someone’s happiness forever. A simple choice of words can make a difference between life and death situation. A simple choice of words utter can make a difference between someone accepting or denying your message. Your words can go a long way to make a difference between good and ugly situation.

A Nigeria-born Professor at the University of Oxford, England, Chris Imafidon shared his experience on how he used words to change lives of some least performing students in some schools in his recent interview with NONYE BEN-NWANKWO. In his chat with the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, David Cameron claimed that Imafidon’s child passed General Certificate of Secondary Education exam, at the age of six because of his gene. But Imafidon had contrary opinion about his claim. To establish his proof, he requested for the worst performing schools and promised to work with the least students and he should come back nine months later. The result was amazing! In fact he won a bet of $25m from David Cameron. He said “I spoke to the children, I mentored them and I adopted them as if they were my biological children.” He said further, “I did not even teach them all the subjects, I spoke to their personality and I used one or two subjects as samples and they were flying. In one year, they beat the best!”

That is the power of words carefully used to rekindle the power of greatness in those students. The result was amazing and incontestable. Words have power, in fact words are power. Words could be your power and saving grace. Your word can change your life, inspire others and make our world a beautiful place. Your mouth can produce venom that will poison the hearts of men against each other. Your words can mend a broken heart. Carefully observe what you say, because your word is the world that you will live.

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