I see the old Nigeria fading out

I see the giant of African collapsing in the shadow of its former self

I hear sounds of the oppressors from afar

I see the oppressed rising against the oppressors

I see intense demonstrations to fight the oppressors

I see the oppressors leaving in haste

Some are trapped in the web of the crisis

I see an ancient wall fallen apart

I see the strong tower of the oppressors breaking to pieces

I see a great slaughter

I see blood flowing, cities in ruins

People wailing in pains and agonies

Commotions everywhere

The wise could not think straight again

The powerful ones become powerless

I see a great movement for a new nation.

A strive for survival in the North, South, West and East

In all these tribulations and chaos

I see a NEW NIGERIA emerging

I feel a cool breeze just like a breaking of a new dawn

I see no more oppression

I see justice and equity prevailing

I see overwhelming joy everywhere


This is a new dawn

A new beginning

Oh Lord make haste to bring it to pass

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