Desires are mere wishes that will remain in the realm of illusion if you are not ready to take a bold step of faith to pursue it. Life will never sing your praises until you turn things around for good.  Life will never bring joy if you are not ready to pursue it. Life will never give you what you deserved until you stand firm to claim it. If you are not ready to the take the risk, you may not break a new ground. It takes perseverance to break a jinx; it takes perseverance with full concentration to acquire a skill; it takes perseverance to move from one phase of life to another phase. Success is acquired through diligence. Even our inborn potential gets an opportunity to express itself only when we start making effort.

You cannot be clean if you do not bathe; your thirst cannot be quenched if you refused to drink water; your hunger cannot disappear until you eat something; your success is not guaranteed until you do all it requires to succeed; you cannot be saved until you determined to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. If you fold your arms for whatever reasons, your destiny may fold up, if you shut your mouth where you are supposed to voice out, you may be shut out forever, if you refused to leave your comfort zone in pursuit of new things, you may end up becoming out of vogue. Life often responds to action without any delay. Stand up today, take a bold step of faith and pursue your desires. Only your actions can unlock your desires from the realm of illusion to physical manifestation.

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