Former Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi has opened up about the new naira policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the controversies surrounding it.

Sanusi who is also a former CBN Governor submitted that Nigeria is ripe for the policy and the people should adjust and adopt the new cashless dispensation.

He however cautioned that Nigerians should be careful with what politicians say as according to him, it is the same money they loot that they bring back every four years to buy votes.

The former Emir however submitted that with the new CBN policy, rigging and other vices would be drastically reduced and Nigerians would be able to vote their preferred choice during the forthcoming 2023 election.

He made his view known in a social media post on Monday.

He said: “This policy (naira redesign policy) has been under way for more than 10 years. And Nigeria is ripe for the policy since we have way of transaction apart from physical currency (bank notes or coins).”

“My second advice is that Nigerians should be careful with what politicians say. Politicians will suffer more from the policy not ordinary Nigerians. They spend four years looting public funds and torturing their people, yet when another election round comes, they bring the money to buy votes and security apparatus and INEC officials; and sponsor thugs to destabilize elections process.

“The policy would reduce rigging and similar activities during election. If you want to give an INEC official, a police officer or a judge some money, send via banks where it can easily be identified.

“Nigerians should welcome this new policy as it will give them a chance to vote whom they like, not those who can hire thugs or buy votes during elections. In the past those with highest loot were the ones to rig their way to power. Now even if someone stashed some money, it useless as the notes have been changed.”

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