Life will never give you your wishes, it will only give you what you desire to pursue and persevere to get. If you think mere wishes will put food on your table, you will end up a hungry man throughout the days of your life. If you think mere desires will take you to the top, you will tarry long at the pit of life. No one attains greater height in life without perseverance and tenacity to get to the top.

Abraham Lincoln was a son of drifter. As a young boy, he worked as a store clerk in a store, but the store failed. He bought a partnership in another store, the business also failed.  He ran for legislature, he lost. He ran for vice-president, he lost. Yet, he became the 16th President of the United States. He endured a steady stream of failure and defeat before becoming the President of the United State.

Albert Einstein was called a “slow learner” at a tender age. His teacher recommended that he should be withdrawn from school because of his seeming inability. He attempted to go to school in Switzerland, but he failed entrance examination. He was disengaged from three teaching jobs. Yet, at age 26, he won the Nobel Prize.

We have heard testimonies of many people who from rose from the pit of failures to the peak of successes. These testimonies become reality because they endured the hardship of failure and defeat they had suffered through perseverance and tenacity; they turned their failures to successes, defeats to victories.

Mere wishes will never take you to limelight in life. You must wake up from your slumber; inspire yourself from inner mind, strive for your dream with all your might and strength. With perseverance and tenacity, your dream will come to reality.

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