This world is not for the weak but for the strong; likewise it is not for the coward but for the bold. A coward has no place in destiny. No coward will ever succeed or achieve something significant in his or her lifetime. It is only those who are bold and courageous that rule over their world. Show me a fearful man with a significant impact in his lifetime. Oftentimes, fears of the unknown grip us. These make us victims of failure, sickness and other fallible events of life. The anxiety of failure, error, reproach, attack, death and many others that are not real cripple our initiative to fight back until we conquer the world.

But deep inside us is seed of boldness, waiting for activation. You should be conscious that what you fear is also afraid of you. Our boldness is in God Joshua 1:1-9. Lean on Him and He will renew your strength like eagle. He will make your fear to fear you. Always be bold and courageous.

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