Appreciating a challenge, seeing it from the angle of opportunity is what majority of people lack!

Amidst of every boisterous wind lies the way out of it. Amidst of every challenge of life lies great opportunities to become a celebrity. Challenge is just like illusion; it is not real until you make it to become real. Despite overwhelming darkness in the tunnel; you can only see the light, if you can see through it.

Appreciating a challenge, seeing it from the angle of opportunity is what majority of people lack. Many are fighting shadow because they have not realised it is a shadow. Many could not contend with the challenges of life because they think their challenges are too big for them.

However, the way an eagle meets and handles the challenge of wind brings to mind the opportunities you can derive from a challenge. Let us examine them briefly for better understanding of how challenges can become stepping stones to prominence.

  • Turbulent wind causes the eagle to soar higher: This is tremendous lifting power in the thermal updrafts of turbulent winds. It lifts up eagle to fly at higher height where no ordinary bird can reach.
  • Turbulent wind gives the eagle a large view: The higher the eagle flies, the larger will be its perspective of the land below it. This gives eagle an opportunity to have a wider and better coverage.
  • The turbulent lifts the eagle above harassment: At lower elevations the eagle is often harassed by suspicious crows. As it soars higher, it leaves behind all these distractions.
  • It also allows the eagle to use less effort and fly faster.

Can you see how marvellous and beneficial turbulent winds of life could be? If only we can appreciate hidden opportunities in the turbulent winds of life; then we will discover our path to the higher height in life. Face your storms and become a hero.

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