God cares for us. He blesses us with great potentials to fulfill our callings on earth. Before we were formed in the womb of our mothers, He knew us and He has assigned everyone for a particular purpose to be fulfilled during his or her lifetime Jeremiah 1:5.

However, God will only light our candles; it is our sole responsibilities to ensure that the lights are not quenched by chain of events of life around us. Everyone is born to fulfill a purpose, irrespective of his or her background, race, colour and other factors; favourable or not. He lights up our candles to kick-start the fulfilment of His prophecies. The process of lighting up the candle is a significant phase of life which God ordains from above. Though He makes provisions for the fulfilment of His prophecies, He also gives us the willing power to choose the path we want to take.

Many lights had been quenched because the owners did not guide the lights jealously. Some are distracted by fantasies of life and they are consumed by it. Samson was born to be a deliverer of Israel. The light of his candle was quenched on the lap of Delilah and he became object of ridicule. He eventually died with his enemies. His mission was aborted. Judge 16:20-31. Saul’s light was quenched on the altar of disobedience, his kingdom was torn and David took over the kingdom from him I Samuel 15:22-23, 27-28. Reuben lost his light as result of fornication Genesis 49:3-4. Gehazi lost his light because of covetousness II king 5:25-27. Judas lost his light because of money Matthew 27:3-5.

God rejoices when we accomplish our missions on earth. It is His pleasure when we move on from glory to glory. He lights our candles and He wants to us to walk in the right path of life so that our lights will not be quenched. The grace is sufficient for everyone to see us through to the end. Do not abuse the grace; guard your light jealously to the end. God will see you through to the end.

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