There are times to make things happen. There are times to allow things to happen. There are times you dictate the pace of events in your life and there are times the events will be out of your control. When you cannot control the pace of events in your life, it is wisdom to exercise patience. It is wisdom to hold unto God, believing that it shall end well.

A young man attended a wedding programme and the reception. The reception was a gathering of privileged people not more fifty. He was so fortunate to be allowed into the venue of the reception and also fortunate to sit at the front seats. When it was a time to distribute food, the servers started from the back seats and unfortunately, the food did not reach those at the front seats. When the servers started sharing drinks, they started from the front seats, but unfortunately the young man had already relocated to the back seats. The drinks finished before they got to those at the back seats. The young man was so angry and he stood up to take his leave. But then he saw three servers each with a big bowl and this time, he tried to be wise by positioning himself at the middle seats. To his uttermost surprise, one server started sharing from the front seats, the other one started from the back seats. It was a roasted chicken garnished with mouthwatering ingredients! When both got to the middle seats, where the young man seated, it got finished again! Feeling so frustrated, he bent his head not looking at any face. But then, the third server tapped him and stretched her bowl that he should pick something. Gladly with sense of joy he stretched his hands, but guess what was in the bowl? TOOTHPICK AND SERVIETTE!

Many have missed their appointed time because of impatience. You cannot run the race of life imitating others because everyone has different paths to follow, different challenges to face, and different time to accomplish different goals in life. Some are destined to be early achievers; some will have it more than enough; some will always have it in proportion to what they need; some will strive to eat; some will always have it at their comfort zones. God makes everything beautiful in its time. Wait for God to locate you where you are, do not change your divination position as a result of momentary delay, do not try to be smart and miss His blessings. Hurry will lead you nowhere. Shortcut will end up in shame and regret. Be patient and wait for His divine timing and it shall be well with you.

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