Death is inevitable, but it can be averted if we care to be sensitive to the moves of God. King Hezekiah was sick and near to death; God sent Prophet Isaiah to him to set his house in order because the sickness is unto death. King Hezekiah turned to God in prayer; God heard his petition and added additional 15 years to his days on earth. He also delivered him and his city from King Assyria Isaiah 38:1-6.

Disaster is bound to occur because each day is full of evil; but if we can stand in gap, God has given us power to redeem our days in prayer Ephesians 5:16. Errors are bound to occur in our pursuits in life; but if we pay more attention, such errors can be averted.

God is faithful in His doings. He loves us so much; he reveals hidden things that have not come to the understanding of mankind to those He loves. But oftentimes, we are in haste to hear and understand what He intends to tell us, our thoughts too clumsy to meditate on His words. That is why many fall victims of avoidable evil. Destiny has been aborted because of our insensitivity to the thing of the Spirit.

We should not joke with the power of prayer because it settles things of physical from the spiritual real Ephesians 6:12. What our physical effort, wisdom, knowledge and connections cannot do; the power of prayer CAN do it. Be diligent in the use of power of prayer to redeem your destiny from evil.

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